‘ello blogsphere

30 Sep

Last night I decided to create a blog and start blogging started the 1st but I was too anxious to start one today so it’s okay. funny thing, thist first entry is dated the 1st though. lol

I think WP lured me in here with their cool themes but when I saw they actually CHARGE for layouts, I’m like YEAH RIGHT. try again buddy. I’ll stick to the boring simple one then. who cares. maybe I’ll even create a tumblr if I feel under appreciated here. lmao

anyways, I wanted to start blogging again not because I use to blog and had many blogs but I think blogging is the right medium for me right now. to unleash and reveal thoughts and emotions I never got to let go of. everything will be pure, no edits (unless to add), no corrections. so let’s hope later on, I apply coherent when I’m ranting haha

I’m excited though. new beginning, new journey, new me.

I hope the mobile site is to my liking though.


2 Responses to “‘ello blogsphere”

  1. Jeremy Truitt September 30, 2012 at 11:30 PM #


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