a quick rant

1 Oct

you know what I hate? well I’ll tell you.

I hate when I say “thank you” to someone for something and they knowingly decide to NOT say “you’re welcome” back! or those people you interact with that say “mmhmm”. like wth is that? you don’t know how to say “you’re welcome” ???
it’s like that person think he or she is too good to acknowledge this and respond appropriately back. are you too good for those 2 little words?
I always say you’re welcome back to someone. because I have manners. I’m not sitting on a high horse. (or at least notyet! =P haha)

but yeah, that’s another slight pet peeve from mine. a typical scenario of this is between email exchanges. when I correspond with people in my school with thanks or thank you and NEVER do I receive a you’re welcome back! the couple of times I do receive it back is from my friend who knows better.

I mean I shouldn’t get worked up from this because I’m not surprised the gist that people today just do not have manners and much self respect for themselves. it’s like when people take and ask without saying thank you. surprised? not really. I’m slowly becoming immune 😐

it’s sad.


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