failing to read instructions

4 Oct

so I bought hair dye. The setting up has only 4 steps. and all the bottles are numbered from 1-4 (there are 4 bottles total). YET. SOMEHOW. I managed to fuck it up and put the AFTER conditioner into the mixing bottle even though it said to use this AFTER the rinse and when you wash off the dye. 

how, oh, how did I manage to mess it up? [shakes my head]

because I am stubborn, I still used it. I figured, it probably condition my hair while it’s supposed to be dying. I’m just lucky I didn’t end up with spots.

But, I didn’t dye my whole head. it was just the button half. and I figured, if anything horrible came out from when I rinse it off, I’ll just never tie my hair up again. at least for a while. no biggie right?

I ended up with I’m guessing some reddish/brown streaks. I figured I’d end up with something brown anyways, giving that it was done correctly. interesting part is, my dye is a light golden blond (with highlights).
I like the occasional streaks I see if I left up my head and search for it. lmao

I’m thinking, I’ll go another tomorrow. or, I’ll go to a salon if they’re not trying to rip me off. since I’m too lazy and impatient to go through this process again. haha I even wanted to stop as soon as I saw it wasn’t easy to cover this concoction on the back of my head. lmao

let’s hope the salon is cheap? =/


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