my day today

27 Nov

without really picking old scabs, I’ll try to simplify and shorten my story.

today I went to the post office hoping to get my package like I expected when of course, it never gets delivered to my apartment.

spoke to THREE different incompetent person who of course provided no help whatsoever when, in the end, I didn’t even get my package! the manager I presume said she couldn’t locate it and perhaps it’s on the truck.

first of all, let me say, I waited for this package/parcel for months and with the hurricane disaster, things were delayed and buildings were closed. I got a notice online that there was “attempted” delivery on the 19th and a notice was left. the 19th was a week ago and no notice was ever found. I went online to submit a redelivery the very same night and nothing came on the tuesday or wednesday. today I make the dreadful trip down there hoping to pick it up because when option 1 (receiving my package never follows through) I wasted one full down making the trip to the post office and wait and wait until I finally received my package.

today was obviously not the case. sighs

well, I submitted a “hold for customer pick up” and hopefully on Friday when I make the trip down there AGAIN, 2 times this week, I’ll get it!

in other news, why the hell can’t I get my refund?!!!! refunds should always be offered and there should never be a time limit. it’s not like I broke the thing. I just fed up with using this piece of junk that doesn’t not work! I paid for this shit and it’s not like it’s cheap so what the hell.

I’ll be the most sore loser ebay and this asshole ever met. making a big deal over a stupid box.

I want my refund (because the shit will not work even with an exchange) AND a provided prepaid shipping label.

I fucking hate scumbags on ebay who sell you junk and expect things to go fine and dandy.

like, #WTF


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