this was actually written last night but couldn’t upload it from my mobile. blah

27 Nov

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And tonight, I am super annoyed so it’s only right that I make my return with a rant.
Perhaps it’ll clear my head too.
So what brought this out was a message that said something along to the lines of ‘did you get my pictures?’. Mind you, this guy tried this twice already first time he asked if I wanted to see pictures of him, I ignored him. Now internet, I am not talk about any risque photos, I’m sure it’s just to show off his photos.
So anyways, first time, I ignored him. Now tonight he wants to know if I received his pictures. I actually wanted to ignore that again and him. But instead I said no and told him I can’t receive media through this number.

Like, why are you even sending me pictures in the first place! Are you that pathetic that you just go around fishing for compliments. Or in this case, practically demand it. SO ANNOYING.

If you look that good, you don’t need little old me to compliment you. And, I’m not a person to compliment anyone. you really have to look THAT good — females and males alike.
So, I addressed it for the purpose of letting him know the aforementioned annoyance.
Like, there’s a difference between friendly and reality. Friendly is me being polite to you, ask you questions about your life, tell you about my day sometimes, feign mild interest, etc.
Reality, lets you know I could be your non existent daughter and/or non existent granddaughter, if you are FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS and showing interest and being overtly friendly to me.

You’re a new yorker, I’m a new yorker, there’s no such thing as random friendliness and politeness. Those are for those rare white folks from extremely rural areas.
Now, if I lived in this areas, fine. You can do all of the above and I wont think anything of it and be like, ‘wow this guy is really friendly’. I live in nyc bub, so why in hell.are you trying to get yourself into???????

why can’t 2 people of different age, race whatever have a random conversation about whatever is going on that day without taking things to a whole new level and category?
This just goes back to these old fashion sayings that males and females can’t be friends. & sadly, life is showing me how true this is day by day.
Now, I could be going way out a limb and just be conceited (and I am slightly)..
BUT. by me asking OCCASIONALLY ‘how was your day’ (in return!) Does not translate to me liking you and etc.
If YOU never had a random and compete stranger ask you that or ‘how are you’ well, I’m sorry no one ever gave a shit about you. and. I genuinely mean this in all it sincerity, but it’s not my fault your family ever showed you love.
It doesn’t mean you have to chase after AND chase away everyone who is polite!!

Oh btw, before I sound like I’m a hypocrite and back tracking. What I meant about being friendly is that I’ll return your friendly with politeness. That means, if you ask a question about my day or how. I am doing, I will genuinely answer it because I’m just that kind of person. I’ll return your inquires with similar inquiries because.. I’m just that person.
What you wont ever see me do is send a message first especially when I don’t give a shit.
I really have no care for, or about anyone in life.

Anyways, I think I am about done. the cool thing is, I am not angry, annoyed or have any negative feelings anymore.
Guess it does help to let it out and write. But I already knew that. Was just too lazy when have to risk a phone smacking me in the face or a back hunch and back pains from typing on the laptop.

so the moral of the story is don’t be a fucking creep, leave to back the fuck off and know when someone is NOT INTO YOU or into you in that manner, ever!

I always attract fucking old ass people. Especially weirdos and creeps. Although I’m over 18, I feel like since I still act lie a kid, look like one (most of the time), then you sirs, are all pedophiles and you make me sick.
I can’t help the times, I sound old and wise because I am mature 😐
I also cant help that I know how to have a conversation and hold one.
All you lonely folks, need to get out more, make friends, and know America’s social  standards and customs.



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