a gloomy ish monday..

16 Sep

well kinda. but that’s because it was drizzling this morning into the early afternoons. then around 1 o’clock the sun came out 🙂

that was a nice and refreshing because I almost forgot how warm weather felt. it’s been too darn cold the last couple of days and I am not liking it. I hate cold weather. every aspect of it. I love the hot, blazing, dehydrating, faint-worthy, humid heat. I love wearing shorts and tank tops; I love not having to decide or even worry about what I wear because tanks and shorts are all I need and wear in the summer. I love the fact that I wake up to the warming sun in the mornings. I love the long summer days. I love the fact that the sun doesn’t set until almost 8PM so full long days in the glorious suns.
 I like the cold drinks like smoothies, shakes and all iced drinks.

sighs. although I spent a lovely vacation in hot, hot, hot humid weather for two months, I haven’t really gotten to spend summers in nyc for two summers already!

it’s okay, I think I can still incorporate some summer clothing mixed with this brisk fall weather. just no more summer dresses.


on to my next rant..


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