16 Sep

I hate the fact that those people who were not there for you while growing up or even been in your life, have the audacity to criticize others and put others down while inflating their head.

but, what are they actually inflating their heads with really? nonsense? bullshit? or maybe, all of the above? because ultimately, YOU were no there for me while I was going to high school, graduating high school. in fact, if it weren’t for friends and other mediums, my high school and teenage life would have been crap.

YOU were there for me while I was enrolling and going to my classes. lol. you weren’t even there when I graduate college and walked across the stage. so anything you say to me, or when you try to give me lessons and advice, I just laugh and call you stupid and irrelevant.

it’s too bad, I can’t tune people out anymore. I think it’s because of my grandma. because seriously, I was able to do this a couple of months ago.

now, I actually listen to what others say, even when it’s nonsense and crap. which is what it is most of the time.

it’s alright. I don’t think I’m bitter about it really. or about my past. I think I made my peace with it. just, I don’t have patience for stupidity and when nobodys and losers put themselves in my life without any relevance.

I live my life fine without you all this time. do you REALLY think I need you in my life now? it’s just a distraction. a numbing distraction. honestly.

if I had better things to do, I wouldn’t be hanging out with you. #trueStory

I can tell I’m okay and at peace with myself because I’m not even mad as I am typing this. I’m just merely observing from a outer perspective and commenting on the facts.




he says: “don’t depend on me..”

oh the hilarity. I don’t depend on anyone for anything. I learned young in life that most people you meet and grow up with are useless.

people are users and self-fish. everything about me is what I learned on my own. my mannerism, my writing/analytical skills, etc. I basically taught myself everything I know.

so no, I won’t depend on you and ever will.

thanks but no thanks bub..


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