24 Sep

I’ve been an insomniac for the past two nights and clearly I need to get some thoughts outta my head. okay first things first. I need to organize and might have to divide into another post..

let’s talk about this girl who will remain nameless for the blog.

I texted her on friday, September 20th in the evening because something frustrated happened. she responded to me two days later on sunday… and, I never got that response but she might as well have continued to ignore it because it was irrelevant — the response and excuse.

listen, I’m not an unreasonable person. no, I get it, everyone goes through their own shit and deals with it differently. but seriously, I can’t get a courteous response to my “what are you doing” text? I wasn’t even initiating anything. well unless the “ughhh” before that constitutes as frustration and that I needed to talk. EITHER way, this stupid bitch could have gave me a prompt response or her excuse at the very same day or night. I mean it’s not like she hasn’t blown me off before with her go-to excuse of “I was busy” or “I’m busy”. so, CLEARLY I don’t understand. every time she gives me her go-to excuse, I always try to be understanding because she has school and her other extra curricular activities. and she usually tells me what it is that is keeping her busy. (friends are privy to know this information). this time, she used that excuse and added something along the lines of “I was going through some things and wanted to be alone”. fine bitch. I get it, you wanted to be alone. so why even bother to text me back two days later? you could have just continue to ignore me/it.

see, that’s the thing I dislike about her and never called her anything besides a good or close friend. and a lot of times, I regret it because she doesn’t deserve the title.

why? because ultimately she’s shady. for instance, every time we’re on the phone, she ALWAYS has to interrupt and speak/give pleasantries to irrelevants (using it as a noun here) at school. like wtf? then goes and says oh they’re no one and they’re not even her friends! so every time I confront her she just apologizes and thinks it’s okay. NO BITCH, IT’S NOT. apologies are for cunts and dicks. do people think apologies always work after the one/first time genuine apology is used? no. after that, anytime someone does a repeated offense to me, you might as well have punched me in the face because that apology means nothing and I get snubbed by randoms while I’m on the phone with her.

another reason why she’s shady is because she CRAVES male attention and treasure it more than anything. (reminds me of this other bitch I knew and loved, but at least that puta was loyal. this bitch here isn’t). she would ignore me via anything but once that guy makes the same move or puts himself in my place, she laps up the attention like a dehydrated thirsty dog. that’s really pathetic. I always hated females for that and still hate the fact that they give females like us a bad rep.

luckily, she assured me that she wasn’t texting any penises because our friendship would have ended right then and there on the phone. and, it took her almost a week to call me and apologize.

see, the thing with me is if you have offended me and you know it, and I am deeply offended. then you take super long or more time than necessary to apologize or make amends, I practically X you off my good list and don’t like you anymore after that. for her, it’s the same thing. she ignored my text, decided to call almost a WEEK later and have a pathetic irrelevant excuse. shit, you were dead to me by the end of the weekend because I could see clearly then, I can’t count on you for anything. (unless she’s actually giving me undivided attention on the phone, then I can count on her for some good advice and tough love).

otherwise, I rendered her useless.

I am okay and perfectly content with having no friends whatsoever (sure, I’ll complain but it’s meeting and getting to know people who turn out like that, is what I deem waste of my time. and, I rather not place myself in those situations; I already had multiple experiences).

so yeah, I could care less if she continues to be my friend after this day or call me, text me, etc. after all, she’s a bad friend so why do I need someone like that in my life? someone who STILL proves herself to be selfish. even after the fact of that day and situation. obviously, she hasn’t learned.

and obviously, I am saying: fuck her. from today on, I am not calling her, and not hitting her up via any medium. she can continue to contact me if/when she pleases but that’s on her. I am going to be neutral and.. not fake but, nonchalant about it until or IF she notices/calls me out on it.

if she doesn’t, then that’s cool too.

I had so many bad friends in my life that I’ve dumped or not stayed friend with. so I have no issue adding another one to those memories. I am not faltered or surprised by these typical bitches. see, someone like her is what my past self would call typical bitch. there’s nothing special about you, you’re not even fun and you’re a horrible selfish person.

what I don’t get is how a person can call oneself a friend and then act selfish. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SELFISH IN A FRIENDSHIP!!! or at least, in the sense that it’s one sided. I really hate that shit. I am not even selfish like that.

now that I’ve destroyed and deduced her character, let’s delve into her excuses.

#1: school. bitch, I was in school just a couple of months ago before I graduated and I didn’t blow off my friend. sure, I blow off IR to go on random, waste spending outings on weekends because I didn’t have, or wanted to waste the money, and, weekend is for my hw. BUT that doesn’t mean, we didn’t talk or called each. IR and I talked at least every week on the phone. this bitch thinks that if she has a little bit of work, she has to cut off the world to concentrate. and fine, if she wanted to do that, that’s cool too. but at least treat EVERYONE the same way and don’t pick and choose who you ignore. that’s really unethical. she could even pick up or respond with her typical bullshit one and say I’m busy and I would have accepted it.

and yes, I know everyone deals with work and whatever differently. maybe she had bad time management. maybe she wasn’t as productive or task oriented and dedicated as I was. but still. NO excuse.

#2: she’s going through some stuff. didn’t I do the same to her last summer and she called me out on it? but I also told her beforehand that I wanted to deal with some stuff alone and not talk to her for a while. she still sent that follow up email saying I shouldn’t do that and that’s what friends are for: to be there for you and all that hall-mark card stuff.

then she does it and expects it to be okay? no. and her reasoning is horrible btw. because her issue is almost a year old and clearly, it’s time you moved on and GOT OVER IT.

I know, I know, different people, different mentality. but seriously, a year later?

well I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised because my sister took two years to get over our situation.

I guess stupid bitches will continue being stupid bitches no matter how much life tries to teach them or put them in the right place. people are stubborn and either don’t learn or don’t get over things until they want to.

same thing applies to the aforementioned bitches. (rolls eyes).

#3: loyalty. I am not tooting my own horn but anyone who calls me or views me as a friend knows I’m the real deal and I actually show that, or “come thru” as the ghettos say.

I am loyal to a friend until they show/prove they’re unworthy of my loyalty. then I start being a bitch.

all I ask is, if you’re going to scumbag me, treat EVERYONE else the same. don’t pick and choose. because that shit isn’t and won’t work for me. same thing I said to this other stupid teenage sister of mine. treat me respectfully or we’ll have issues and you’re going to deal with it. when that time comes around, people want to play passive and the victim card. ugh. how annoying and pathetic.

anywaysssssss. I am done and over talking about stupid typical bitches.

now you know. and now I know.


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