My new purchase

9 Dec

Eck! I’m so thrilled and full of energy today!! Went to the doctors today to get some meds and then went shopping with my momma in soho after. She persuaded me to cancel my dentist appointment for this shopping excursion lol

I went to the apple today and bought myself the iPad mini número dos! It was and will be a butt load of money once I gotta pay the bills (or my mom). But I’m content. I got the silver 64gb one. I also just paid for two case via eBay. And one is said to come later this week! 🙂

I think I spent about $1000 today but I’m not regretting it one bit.

iPad cost $652 (with tax)
Aerie ($26)
eBay ($23)

Oh. Haha I just did the math and it’s actually $711.

Okay. I’m going to cut my first post via the mini short so I can go play around with this a but before bed. ^___^


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