Colombian cutie

14 Dec

So I had a dream. And I will try to summarize my dream in a nutshell of how I remember it and what I remember from it.
Spoke to “Liz”. And she said I should apply to grad school because that’s how one is suppose to do it to get a decent job. Or career. And then came my reasons. Which is not important for this dream recap sake.
Then naturally I run into some people. And met a guy. He happened to be attracted to me and via Versa.
Anyways I woke up taking a liking to me. But maybe too much. As it is a dream. But naturally. Any cuties in my dream who I happen to be with, I take a liking to lmao.

So reality. Tonight at this promo. I meet a cute guy. He was Colombian. My only regret is that I didn’t recall or pay attention to his last name. So I could have Facebook stalker him. (Yes, pathetic). But I didn’t think his flirting meant he was that interested. Or, it’s just his nature. I usually meet people at places I’m not already to really friend or, take a liking too. As in personal liking lol. Most of the time, it’s work and/or professional settings where it can’t happen.
So he was a bit eager. I was nonchalant about it. I ended up giving him my number. A first. Or first time it happened to be a cute guy. He was cute, charming and charismatic.
My only Dislikes are that he drinks and smokes.. Cigs for sure. And who knows what else.
bUT! Given the fact that he’s from Colombia and might not be here for long, I shouldn’t worry about that. Maybe just delve on hacking a good time and meeting someone new.

This is me all thinking positively and being hopeful I’ll see him again. You know, hopeful, he’ll ask me to hang out one day lol.
I’m actually curious about his story.

We’ll see. And now I should go to bed blissful and hopeful that I’ll dream of a cutie or a familiar one again haha.

Okay, so it’s not like I haven’t met or seen cute guys before. My point of even writing this blog is, this Colombian cutie resembles the cutie in my dream so much! at least that’s why my brain is hinting at. So of course I find that intriguing.

All though rambles aside, goodnight world 🙂


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