Fresh on the boat.. Hahah

20 Dec

I had this dream that my whole family and I were going to china. But we were taking a boat there and not a plane. Lol

It was five of us. And my older sister and I were traveling one ship, together later on while my mom and other two sisters went on an earlier ship. The thing is, my mom somehow thought it’d be a couple of hours travel and of course rushes and mess things up. I remember the three of time had to board at 4. But they weren’t ready and packed yet. (We were in a station harbor dock thing). So they’re not done packing, FYI ready to board while the time is creeping closer to 4 o’clock. Then my older sister somehow thought she was supposed to board with them. And they num rushed to board. Because somehow their watches weren’t synchronized with the boarding time. (I guess some kind of automatic time change or Day light saving times thing). So they all rushed to board. And did, I think. Meanwhile my boarding time is 5 ish. Of course, I’m all ready and set. Since I’m not a last minute person. But then the watching was wearing went from 4 ish o clock to 2:15pm. So I found this marine security guard guy and questioned him. But he wasn’t sure as well. So we ended up walking around trying to find his check in area with his other buddies to inquiry.

And this is what I remember or stopped remembering from there. But I though I’d blog it so I wouldn’t forget later on.
I’m also supposed to look up some reoccurring dream stuff but of course I forgot. So hopefully I remember or notice a pattern, later on and do some researching.



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