my day today

27 Nov

without really picking old scabs, I’ll try to simplify and shorten my story.

today I went to the post office hoping to get my package like I expected when of course, it never gets delivered to my apartment.

spoke to THREE different incompetent person who of course provided no help whatsoever when, in the end, I didn’t even get my package! the manager I presume said she couldn’t locate it and perhaps it’s on the truck.

first of all, let me say, I waited for this package/parcel for months and with the hurricane disaster, things were delayed and buildings were closed. I got a notice online that there was “attempted” delivery on the 19th and a notice was left. the 19th was a week ago and no notice was ever found. I went online to submit a redelivery the very same night and nothing came on the tuesday or wednesday. today I make the dreadful trip down there hoping to pick it up because when option 1 (receiving my package never follows through) I wasted one full down making the trip to the post office and wait and wait until I finally received my package.

today was obviously not the case. sighs

well, I submitted a “hold for customer pick up” and hopefully on Friday when I make the trip down there AGAIN, 2 times this week, I’ll get it!

in other news, why the hell can’t I get my refund?!!!! refunds should always be offered and there should never be a time limit. it’s not like I broke the thing. I just fed up with using this piece of junk that doesn’t not work! I paid for this shit and it’s not like it’s cheap so what the hell.

I’ll be the most sore loser ebay and this asshole ever met. making a big deal over a stupid box.

I want my refund (because the shit will not work even with an exchange) AND a provided prepaid shipping label.

I fucking hate scumbags on ebay who sell you junk and expect things to go fine and dandy.

like, #WTF


this was actually written last night but couldn’t upload it from my mobile. blah

27 Nov

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And tonight, I am super annoyed so it’s only right that I make my return with a rant.
Perhaps it’ll clear my head too.
So what brought this out was a message that said something along to the lines of ‘did you get my pictures?’. Mind you, this guy tried this twice already first time he asked if I wanted to see pictures of him, I ignored him. Now internet, I am not talk about any risque photos, I’m sure it’s just to show off his photos.
So anyways, first time, I ignored him. Now tonight he wants to know if I received his pictures. I actually wanted to ignore that again and him. But instead I said no and told him I can’t receive media through this number.

Like, why are you even sending me pictures in the first place! Are you that pathetic that you just go around fishing for compliments. Or in this case, practically demand it. SO ANNOYING.

If you look that good, you don’t need little old me to compliment you. And, I’m not a person to compliment anyone. you really have to look THAT good — females and males alike.
So, I addressed it for the purpose of letting him know the aforementioned annoyance.
Like, there’s a difference between friendly and reality. Friendly is me being polite to you, ask you questions about your life, tell you about my day sometimes, feign mild interest, etc.
Reality, lets you know I could be your non existent daughter and/or non existent granddaughter, if you are FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS and showing interest and being overtly friendly to me.

You’re a new yorker, I’m a new yorker, there’s no such thing as random friendliness and politeness. Those are for those rare white folks from extremely rural areas.
Now, if I lived in this areas, fine. You can do all of the above and I wont think anything of it and be like, ‘wow this guy is really friendly’. I live in nyc bub, so why in hell.are you trying to get yourself into???????

why can’t 2 people of different age, race whatever have a random conversation about whatever is going on that day without taking things to a whole new level and category?
This just goes back to these old fashion sayings that males and females can’t be friends. & sadly, life is showing me how true this is day by day.
Now, I could be going way out a limb and just be conceited (and I am slightly)..
BUT. by me asking OCCASIONALLY ‘how was your day’ (in return!) Does not translate to me liking you and etc.
If YOU never had a random and compete stranger ask you that or ‘how are you’ well, I’m sorry no one ever gave a shit about you. and. I genuinely mean this in all it sincerity, but it’s not my fault your family ever showed you love.
It doesn’t mean you have to chase after AND chase away everyone who is polite!!

Oh btw, before I sound like I’m a hypocrite and back tracking. What I meant about being friendly is that I’ll return your friendly with politeness. That means, if you ask a question about my day or how. I am doing, I will genuinely answer it because I’m just that kind of person. I’ll return your inquires with similar inquiries because.. I’m just that person.
What you wont ever see me do is send a message first especially when I don’t give a shit.
I really have no care for, or about anyone in life.

Anyways, I think I am about done. the cool thing is, I am not angry, annoyed or have any negative feelings anymore.
Guess it does help to let it out and write. But I already knew that. Was just too lazy when have to risk a phone smacking me in the face or a back hunch and back pains from typing on the laptop.

so the moral of the story is don’t be a fucking creep, leave to back the fuck off and know when someone is NOT INTO YOU or into you in that manner, ever!

I always attract fucking old ass people. Especially weirdos and creeps. Although I’m over 18, I feel like since I still act lie a kid, look like one (most of the time), then you sirs, are all pedophiles and you make me sick.
I can’t help the times, I sound old and wise because I am mature 😐
I also cant help that I know how to have a conversation and hold one.
All you lonely folks, need to get out more, make friends, and know America’s social  standards and customs.



because I liked…

5 Oct

because I liked the end results of my failed hair dying excursion, I just had to dye my hair again the next day. It gave me a chocolate, warm color that I super duper loved!!! and went to sleep trying to plan out how to dye my hair. haha
I’ll blog about my mini quest. I went to a total of two salons today before I found one in my budget. went to one that is across the street from my school and the lady gave me a side glance before she told me it’s $80 to dye my whole head. like wtf? my great aunt who came here a in 98′, did a perm and dyed her bob ish hair length and it only costs $60 which I thought was reasonable since it’s a perm.
I know times have changed and prices are not recession proof but I KNOW a dye job would not and should not cost more than $60 because hair dye they use, still comes from a box and the stuff inside, they sell in it stores for about $10 each (and at most for each bottles; I’m talking the dye, developer, extra shine/boost/serum, and conditioner). AND, since my hair is asian hair, any dye job will result in an orange=y look after some weeks if you dye your hair some kind of brown/blond. OF COURSE, there’s exception and sometimes people have awesome hair, and they do follow up treatments and consistency use some kind of conditioner and whatever.
so yeah, I will not spend and should not spend about $100 for a dye job when my hair is medium length. and I could do the whole thing manually with a $12-13 ( at most) hair dying box kit. It would take a shorter amount of time too. of course, I’d need help and it might get messy.

so yeah, 2nd salon I checked out. the lady told me it cost $35 to dye my whole head. bingo! then I asked her how much it’d cost to dye half. then I’m guessing her boss or superior walked out and they started speaking in spanish in front of me. I caught the gist of it; basically she told the fist lady that $35 for the whole head is too inexpensive and that she should have told me more. she then proceeded to tell me that two dye jobs would be $45 but if I want to dye the bottom half and back of my head, or the whole head, it’d costs $35 each. I kinda gave her the look and asked her to make both dye jobs $40 😀
she didn’t say yes, but she asked me the colors I want and then gave me a book to look through.
so fast forward a little. as she put dye on my head and through my hair, I noticed my scalp burning a bit because my head felt hot.

story got cut off here as I was typing because I went to do a 5000 piece puzzle with my sissy.

so after sitting there for like 40 minute (twice the time amount the box allocates for). knowing my hair color, I would have left it for 40 mins too.

after 30 mins, the lady came back to me to check on the hair and then blow dry it. because heat helps the color absorb into the hair (if this makes sense) and it speeds up the process too. when she checked and rubbed off some color, it wasn’t to my liking so she put more chemical into the back of my head lol.

anywhoos, I really like how it came out. I don’t think the color is even. meaning, the roots on the top of my head are lighter than the strands then I noticed that when she was supposed to dye the base of my head, it looked like she kinda just blotched my hair. lol if that makes sense.but there are some heavy streaks more on the righter side of the back on my head. and, it’s not the blond that I wanted it to be but some kinda copper brown. which is cool because blond with my overall hair color would look tacky I think. plus, it’s some subtle surprise if someone ever looks through my hair. hehes


WELL. I’m about to end this after this comment. so I’ve been home since 3ish pm, mom came home around5 ish pm and DID NOT NOTICE MY HAIR COLOR CHANGE AT ALL! now, if you have not caught on, my natural hair color is black. and this color is a light bronze, copper mix. lol
now, we have spoken to each other since she came home. but I don’t know if it’s because she did see it and didn’t care to comment on it or the fact that she didn’t notice or looked at all.

it makes me kind of nervous and jittery when she does “find out” because she’s probably going to be a bit dramatic… but oh wells.

I won’t be home tomorrow so it might take a few days.

I would love to use this post pictures feature but I’m not really into giving the internet a visual or personality other than what I write. (or as of yet anyways).

oh yeah, I paid the lady $40 + $1 because that’s all I really had in my wallet!! lmao I know, it’s so sad but when I did the price haggling I was pretty sure I had a ten or a five. but when it was time to pay, I’m like this is so awkward. But! I always say, tip is a courtesy not a requirement. so boop! too bad. lol there was nothing I could have done. since it doesn’t take cards I noticed.

anywhooos ta-ta. =)

failing to read instructions

4 Oct

so I bought hair dye. The setting up has only 4 steps. and all the bottles are numbered from 1-4 (there are 4 bottles total). YET. SOMEHOW. I managed to fuck it up and put the AFTER conditioner into the mixing bottle even though it said to use this AFTER the rinse and when you wash off the dye. 

how, oh, how did I manage to mess it up? [shakes my head]

because I am stubborn, I still used it. I figured, it probably condition my hair while it’s supposed to be dying. I’m just lucky I didn’t end up with spots.

But, I didn’t dye my whole head. it was just the button half. and I figured, if anything horrible came out from when I rinse it off, I’ll just never tie my hair up again. at least for a while. no biggie right?

I ended up with I’m guessing some reddish/brown streaks. I figured I’d end up with something brown anyways, giving that it was done correctly. interesting part is, my dye is a light golden blond (with highlights).
I like the occasional streaks I see if I left up my head and search for it. lmao

I’m thinking, I’ll go another tomorrow. or, I’ll go to a salon if they’re not trying to rip me off. since I’m too lazy and impatient to go through this process again. haha I even wanted to stop as soon as I saw it wasn’t easy to cover this concoction on the back of my head. lmao

let’s hope the salon is cheap? =/

tsk tsk tsk

3 Oct

Facts: #1 I have to wake up at 6 because I have class in the AM.
#2 I should be sleeping and get those 5 hours =___=
#3 instead, I’m up… and scheming…

But. if it works out, I could be going to DC. lol

though, I am nervous and tad uneasy/scared.

gah. then I can go to sleep happy. or not that anxious and riled up.

lmao, this is getting sad. and pathetic even.

c’mon people!!! I need my beauty sleep.


a quick rant

1 Oct

you know what I hate? well I’ll tell you.

I hate when I say “thank you” to someone for something and they knowingly decide to NOT say “you’re welcome” back! or those people you interact with that say “mmhmm”. like wth is that? you don’t know how to say “you’re welcome” ???
it’s like that person think he or she is too good to acknowledge this and respond appropriately back. are you too good for those 2 little words?
I always say you’re welcome back to someone. because I have manners. I’m not sitting on a high horse. (or at least notyet! =P haha)

but yeah, that’s another slight pet peeve from mine. a typical scenario of this is between email exchanges. when I correspond with people in my school with thanks or thank you and NEVER do I receive a you’re welcome back! the couple of times I do receive it back is from my friend who knows better.

I mean I shouldn’t get worked up from this because I’m not surprised the gist that people today just do not have manners and much self respect for themselves. it’s like when people take and ask without saying thank you. surprised? not really. I’m slowly becoming immune 😐

it’s sad.

a pre blog ;P

1 Oct

home from another soon to be typical school/work day. but ehh I’m not complaining.

I’m eating dinner right now and watching law and order svu.
man, I love this show. can you imagine when I was a pre teen I thought this show aired too much and would change the channel automatically when I heard the announcer  “.. and these were their stories”.
funny how a couple year later, I am madly addicted and a dedicated fan. life.

after I shower and settle down, I’ll get to the real thing ;]


midnight rambles

1 Oct

So I have an exam tomorrow. Funny thing is I have not done a single reviewing of the study guide since friday in class. now, don’t get me wrong, I have studied the guide for quite some days and weeks even. but it never hurts to review the day, or days before right?
Well, tell that to my lazy behind that spent the weekend waiting for my antenna, I fixed my tv, cleaned, organized, moved things, around, semi redecorated, watched tv and origami.. (whew, that was a breathfull), put it like that, I sounded pretty busy huh? Getting off that slight tangent..Honestly speaking though, I wasnt and had quite a bit of downtime. But, I couldn’t find the time and energy to study huh? Yeah this is another scenario of procrastinaion. even though I dislike using this overused word, it’s true.
But can ya blame me? Who would rather spend their weekend studying?
Ehh. I’ll stop talking about this now. I’ll just end up regreting not studying when I have the mock exam following the competency exam next monday.
(I’ll also regret not going to bed 45 mins ago tomorrow when I wake)
But. to help me fall asleep, I’ll go play some sudoku.
(I swear. I’m totally addicted).

Night y’all

‘ello blogsphere

30 Sep

Last night I decided to create a blog and start blogging started the 1st but I was too anxious to start one today so it’s okay. funny thing, thist first entry is dated the 1st though. lol

I think WP lured me in here with their cool themes but when I saw they actually CHARGE for layouts, I’m like YEAH RIGHT. try again buddy. I’ll stick to the boring simple one then. who cares. maybe I’ll even create a tumblr if I feel under appreciated here. lmao

anyways, I wanted to start blogging again not because I use to blog and had many blogs but I think blogging is the right medium for me right now. to unleash and reveal thoughts and emotions I never got to let go of. everything will be pure, no edits (unless to add), no corrections. so let’s hope later on, I apply coherent when I’m ranting haha

I’m excited though. new beginning, new journey, new me.

I hope the mobile site is to my liking though.